Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Venue

Like every important event, we have thought long and hard about where to host it. We think this hall is perfect. In no particular order, here is why.

First, its hugely accessible. It is a stones throw away from the A12. If you travel past you can see it from the road. It's a few minutes from Colchester, 20 minutes from Ipswich and Clacton and about 25 minutes from the M25 turn off on the A12. We hope this will attract craft lovers from all over Essex and Suffolk. And beyond too!

Second, the parking. The car park is massive, we could fit several buses in it and it's in good condition - no pot holes or gravel for our discerning crafters/loving cared for craft totes. On a serious note, it is secure and well lit which makes us happy that you are safe.

Third, the grounds. The hall itself is surrounded by a large grass area. This means when you want to take a break you can go for a wander and it's somewhere nice to eat your lunch in the warmer months. Also, if you want to grab some photos of friends you will find some nice backdrops for your scrapping photos without having to travel or walk far.

Four, the hall itself. Its recently built, modern, clean and comfortable. The toilets are great. The caretakers and trustees are helpful. We have room to grow or hold larger special events, there are actually three halls here so we can hold these special events without too much drama/trauma. Its fully accessible for those with mobility issues and it will be easy to get in all our crafting equipment. There are a large amount of tables at our use, so lots of room for you during the day.

(BTW all tables will be put out for you and put away again at the end of the event. So all you have to do is turn up and create without worrying about etiquette or upset!)

Five, the cost. Its affordable folks, remember we are a not for profit event and we want everything to be ploughed back in to the events throughout the year. In the current economic downturn every penny counts and we believe that this crafters co-operative way is the way to go.

Six, the food. We will supply tea, coffee and biscuits for the entrance fee for you throughout the day. Ok, maybe a cake as well from time to time! There is a small kitchen for our exclusive use, a small fridge, food prep area, etc. There are lots of options for you at lunch should you not bring yours with you. A petrol station, local shop and sandwich shop are nearby. A garden centre a stones throw away in the opposite direction serves fantastic cakes and sandwiches. Sainsbury's is a 4 minute drive away (yup, we timed it). Frankie & Bennys and a whole host of food serving pubs are also along this road and would be perfect for a spot to meet up with family for a bite to eat at the end of the day.

We know you will be as pleased with the hall as we are.


  1. So wish you were closer to me! Best of luck! x

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  3. Just got to find a babysitter and some pals who are free.Great to see something around here for a change!