Sunday, 6 June 2010

June Crop

Yesterday was our June crop and very successful it was too, even if we do say so ourselves!

It was so lovely to spend the day with old friends and make new friends with the ladies who had come along for the first time. We both really love how our crop is evolving and it has become the kind of crop we have dreamed of for a long time. We have, by choice, kept is small and we are confident that this has been a good decision as it means that everyone chats with everyone else and there can never be groups of people who don't mix with the others.

We had our much anticipated crochet class with the very lovely and talented Elaine. She spent the morning crocheting away and making the most awesome little flowers which we all aspire to making eventually.

Most of our ladies opted to take the class and were pleasantly surprised at how quickly they could pick up crocheting and with the results of their endeavors under the guidance of the very patient Elaine. I think, next month, there will be lots of projects at the crop which have cute little crochet flowers on them.

On a happy, but sad note we are fully booked for July and now have a waiting list. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, in case there are any cancellations, please e-mail us at

We will be back soon with details of our July class which is being taught by the very talented Laura Buckingham.

Karen & Karen


  1. Hi Karen & Karen
    I really enjoyed meeting you and being at the crop on Saturday... BUT I think you're being optimistic if you think my crocheting will result in anything useable.. thanks Elaine for being so patient with us all though!
    See you next month... Tara

  2. Hi Karen & Karen,
    I had a wonderful day at the June crop and am so pleased to have found a group I feel I can click with and connect to.
    I recently joined an e-course which has also introduced to me to a whole new world of connecting with other people. I have just set up my first blog (never thought I'd ever do that!) and I have learned how important it is to make links with other like-minded people.
    What do you think about members of eclectic keepsakes (who are interested of course!) exchanging contact details so that we can share ideas and news inbetween monthly crops?
    It allows those who can not attend because of distance or over subscription can still feel part of something.