Thursday, 26 August 2010

It's getting closer!

Soon, very soon but not soon enough for some of us, it will be our next little gathering and we are really excited about the class Ann is going to teach. She has promised us 2 los and a little project for our September class and is going to be using the Indie Girl range from Sassafras Lass. You can see how gorgeous it is and so suitable for scrapping both boy and girl pages!

For the first lo you will need 4 (3in x 3in) photos and for the second 1 or 2 (6in x 4in portrait) photographs.

We hope to get some sneaky peeks of the class up before the crop so keep an eye on the blog.

Karen M

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  1. I did mention at the last crop day that I thought I wouldn't be around for this one. It's our 30th wedding anniversary and we've booked a long weekend away so I won't be there to join you. But the kit looks fab - can you put one aside for me and I will ask Denise if she can pick it up for me? Thanks!