Thursday, 11 March 2010

News for April

First of we all we are pleased but sad to say we are all full up.

Today we have sent out emails so if for any reason you cant make it, please email us as we have a waiting list running for people who would like to come.

We are very excited about SJ's class. This will be a card class based around her Little Musings designs. SJ will create some characters unique to Eclectic Keepsakes and there will be a feminine and masculine version that you can choose from.

The class will also include some lovely papercrafting techniques. SJ has chosen a new range from Crate Paper which we love.

Here is a little peek at what we will be using.

FInally, we hope you don't mind but we have asked Cheryl Johnson to join us later in the year rather than April. We hope that this will guarantee better weather and give us a bit more time to get all our families together.

Some of you have said you would like her to come later in the year and some people who wanted a session are on holiday. We know that CJ will only be able to come once this year, we want to be able to offer different things each month. (We do listen to what you say!)

Cheryl has promised that she will offer the same package prices for the sessions and we will keep you posted.

In the meanwhile, we have been busy lining up a crochet for beginners class. Anyone want to learn how to make flowers and embellishments for your paper crafting projects?

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