Sunday, 7 March 2010

Something a Little Different - KE - Kick it Up.

So, you know how we said we didn't want to let all our ideas out of the bag in one go, well we let you in to our class plans yesterday.

Each time we do a class, there will be two versions. We will do a basic class and a Kick it up version.

Why? We want to encourage all levels of crafters to take part and expand their skills. Often the biggest problem when designing a class can be getting the pitch and level of the class just right. Too basic and those with more skill arent as excited as they should be. Too advanced and those who want to learn a new skill may be put off.

So we will always do two classes to make sure we do our best to reach everyone.

We want to use the freshest products and will get our teachers to choose what they want to use and present rather than vice versa.

We hope you like our idea. We know that ATDML liked it, they even blogged us! It's new and as far as we are aware we dont know of anyone else doing this.....yet! (Answers on a postcard please!)

So here are the two full versions that we created, and now you know why we didnt put the full versions on the blog earlier!

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