Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Are you up for catching a few scraps?

Look at this absolutely gorgeous scrap catcher - the class that, the very talented but oh so modest, Jane taught at the Eclectic Keepsakes crop on Saturday.
By the end of the afternoon almost everyone had one of these little beauties dangling from their scrap space and can you believe it - some had even started using them for paper scraps! They were just so easy to make, especially with the comprehensive instructions that Jane supplied and even Denise who claims not to have sewn since leaving school had made a perfect scrap catcher.

Now here's the deal, Jane has a few spare kits that are for sale at £7.50 including p&p. All that is needed to finish the scrap catcher is a sewing machine and 250gms of red lentils to fill the bag that holds the catcher onto the table. If you would like a kit, email me at eclectickeepsakes@btinternet.com.

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